Member Benefits

Member Benefits

My philosophy as your physician is to be your healthcare advocate.
I will partner with you to make your wellness our goal.

Direct phone access to me or to my assistant during business hours

All phone calls will be returned as promptly as possible, but if you deem your problem “urgent” at the time of your call, I will speak to you immediately or as soon as I receive your message. You, the patient, define what “urgent” means. If you think it is urgent, we think it is urgent.

Personal cell phone number

This will allow easy access to me for urgent medical problems that occur outside of regular office hours. Ideally, I want to hear from you when you are ill or injured before you go to the hospital or urgent care center, in order to more proactively plan your care. However, in the event of a life-threatening emergency call 911 first.

Convenient secure messaging or e-mail access for non-urgent health issues or questions

You will receive a prompt (usually within 24 hours) response from me personally. Because e-mail communication is not secure, please use discretion when choosing topics to discuss with me via this medium. I cannot guarantee that information you share in this manner will not be subject to “cyber-attack” or other unintended disclosure. Please also be aware that texting is not a secure medium.

Secure patient portal

In order to have timely, relevant access to your health care records, you will be eligible to register for a secure patient portal. The portal will not only give you access to your lab work, tests, and office notes, you will also be able to request an appointment, request medication refills and securely exchange messages with me. I cannot guarantee that information you share in this manner will not be subject to “cyber-attack” or other unintended disclosure.

Same day or next business day appointments

With the exception of your recommended routine annual physical visit, office visits will be available on short notice at your request, even for minor or non-urgent medical problems.

Extended office hours

Office visits are best scheduled when the full complement of staff is available. However, should you require occasional visits outside of my usual office hours; I will certainly do my best to accommodate you.

Adult dependent children of members are welcome

If a parent opts to join my personalized care practice, I will be happy to care for his/her adult dependent children from age 17 up to 26 without an additional membership fee. Children older than age 26 are eligible for a discounted membership.

Little or no office waiting time and typically longer appointments when

Annual appointments will be scheduled for sixty minutes and follow-up appointments for thirty minutes, thereby allowing ample time to answer all of your questions and address all of your needs.

Strong focus on preventive medicine and long-term health and wellness

My philosophy is to educate you about your personal medical needs and risks. I will work with you to assess your level of fitness and determine an appropriate personal wellness plan. This will allow you to take an active role in managing and maintaining good health. A free, introductory consultation with a registered dietitian is available to assess your level of fitness.

Care for visiting relatives and/or friends

Should your out of town family or friends become ill during a visit, I will assist with their medical care and treat them as if they are a member of the practice.

Information on topics relevant to your health and well-being

I will be providing periodic topical information on medical subjects of interest to my patients.

Complimentary parking

For your convenience, we offer complimentary parking at the 1 E. 8th Street Garage located between State Street and Holden Court, entrance is on E. 8th Street.

House calls

If you are ill or otherwise unable to come to the office, a house call may be offered. However, the need for each out of office visit will be determined on a case by case basis at my discretion.

Long distance care

Whether you are on a brief vacation of living part of the year in a second residence, I am available. I will communicate with you directly, as well as with your treating physician, and participate in your care for health issues that may arise.

Second opinion chart review by a respected colleague

In order to ensure a fresh perspective, particularly with patients who have chronic or complex medical issues, when medically indicated your chart may be reviewed by a respected colleague at no additional charge to you.

Focus on Health

It is my intention to develop improved patient health across my practice. Every patient is advised to have an annual physical exam and any related tests as medically appropriate. This exam and many tests are covered services under Medicare and other insurance plans and will be billed accordingly. My practice will use the results of your exam to help each willing patient develop for the year to improve health and fitness and to address any new or existing health goals. In addition, as part of my commitment to your long-term health and wellness, when medically indicated, I will also provide an annual consultation with a dietitian to offer nutritional guidance and suggest appropriate exercise and/or lifestyle changes. I have also partnered with a novel physical training group and two introductory sessions are available as part of the membership. The annual fee will be applied to my ongoing availability to work with each patient in meeting established fitness, diet, health and wellness aspirations throughout the year, whether in person, video visit, telephone, secure messaging or e-mail and will apply only to non-covered items and services.

On-Site Laboratory Testing

Laboratory tests can be drawn on-site and select laboratory testing is available in the office with results can be available in the same time as an office visit when needed. Rapid influenza and rapid strep testing is also available on site as well.


Selected vaccinations that are not covered by your insurance will be covered by membership to the practice (e.g. Shingles/zoster, tetanus, pertussis, pneumonia, hepatitis B).

Our Staff

Staff members are an important part of your experience with my office. They not only have the expertise to advocate on your behalf but will continue to assist you in navigating through other aspects of the medical community when necessary.

Insurance Information

I have elected not to participate as an in-network provider for any commercial health insurance plans. As an out-of-network provider, we will not be collecting a co-pay. To compensate for my out-of-network status, my office visit fees will be reduced generally to $55 and for longer, complex visit to $85 or more. As a courtesy, we will submit my office and hospital visit charges directly to your insurance company.

As medically indicated, I will make it a priority to refer you to in-network physicians for any necessary consultations and to in network facilities for diagnostic tests and hospitalizations. The referred services will be billed by these providers. You should confirm with those providers that their services will be covered on an in-network basis. Coverage of services by other providers should not be affected by the change in our insurance status.

We will continue to submit claims to Medicare and to your supplemental insurance on your behalf for Medicare covered services. The annual fee does not include any service that is covered by Medicare. For any patient who may have a Medicare Advantage plan, an office visit fee will be charged and payment will be the responsibility of the patient. Medicare covered services will continue to be billed to Medicare and are in no way covered as member benefits.